The director even tattooed this title teeth in Vietnam

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The director even tattooed this title teeth in Vietnam. Dentures play an important role in chewing, speaking, aesthetics and making room for permanent teeth later. According to the dentist, only if the child has serious dental problems such as tooth aches, the infection has been treated many times. Dentifrices are inflamed, inflamed at the tip of the tooth, chronic peritonitis, the risk of infection to the permanent teeth, new intervention is required to extract the tooth to avoid complications, affect the process permanent teeth after this. In addition, it is best not to remove the baby’s teeth too early and to see the dentist as soon as possible with signs of dental disease in the child. Small but regular presence of dental cavities, some smaller bags usually account for about five to ten parts per cent mean that the bone is broken a small amount four times more than normal, according to some researchers, that is the threshold…

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Do not neglect the health of the elderly teeth

However, poor oral hygiene is not uncommon in the frail elderly.

In the study published in European Geriatric Medicine, Dr. Gert-Jan van der Putten, of the Geriatric Research Group in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, said: “Advances in oral care and treatment over the last few decades This has resulted in a decrease in the number of missing teeth in each person and a significant increase in the proportion of adults who hold natural teeth for the rest of their lives. ” vietnam dentist prices

But when older people do not care or are not capable of maintaining oral hygiene, many health problems can arise. In addition, the loss of saliva and the use of certain medications in the elderly also increase the risk of dental problems.

The main dental consequences for poor dental care are cavities, gum disease and problems with dentures.

Oral health also affects the general health. Dental problems are closely related to the high risk of diabetes, lung disease and heart disease.

Many frail older people cannot afford to take oral hygiene and have to rely entirely on the caregiver. This is particularly worrisome in long-term care settings, where care performed by nurses and midwives is not aware of the importance of doing so.

If oral care is not improved, dental disease and related health problems will become serious for the elderly, with falls, lack of exercise, urinary incontinence and problems. on thinking and memory.

Therefore, the researchers said that oral health “needs to receive the right attention from policy makers, scientists and the national and international health.”

Caregivers and children in the family should know that their parents or grandparents need to be brushed and brushed daily. If they can not do it themselves, then someone needs to help them. There should also be dentists in nursing homes and the elderly in long-term care facilities that need attention in oral health. Saigon Vietnam dental implants