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For its part said no teeth dental implant. , so that such a case people often call it with the familiar and cute name that is rabbit teeth. But it is not just that rabbit teeth will be beautiful, in case rabbit teeth are only beautiful when their size is not too big or too long, which leads to different injuries to the remaining teeth on the arch of the jaw and especially above all despite having are rabbit teeth but they still have to be uniform and in accordance with the ratio of teeth and face to bring the highest aesthetic. Remaining cases

one or several teeth and a trip for full jaw. Doing the act of commitment as an instinct and aura of young people.Braces are an orthodontic process with tools such as braces and chords for the purpose of moving the teeth into the correct position. Therefore, ensuring that teeth are healthy is one of the factors that make braces work more smoothly and shorten time. Dental hygiene is an indispensable dental implants

step in the life of every person, especially braces. Because during the period of braces, if oral hygiene is not good, food plaque is easy to collect in braces, around spandex and create favorable conditions for bacteria to grow and attack. Dental work and irritation of the gums cause bad breath and tooth decay higher than normal people. Therefore, it is very important to take plaque on and dentist prices

around braces around the teeth – regular brushing is essential. Use a soft-bristled brush as it will allow teeth to easily get rid of plaque, but won’t hurt the gums and gums. During the brushing process, it is necessary to move the brush above or below the brace, rotate into small circles and carefully move the brush, limiting the back of the plastic into the brace as it can cause the braces trồng răng implant

to be damaged.Change your brush often, up to every three months or when you see bristles. After using a regular brush, you should prepare an extra toothbrush because the food plaque is stuck to difficult positions, the toothbrush is one of the effective assistants to remove the pieces. nourish food and plaque on teeth and gums. In addition, it is necessary to have regular check-ups according cấy ghép implant

to the time recommended by the doctor so that braces take place according to the treatment schedule and achieve the best results and have the best smile.In the process of braces need a lot of support by different devices Cho thuê trang phục cổ trang