as well as in warranty paper, teeth in Vietnam

as well as in warranty paper, teeth in Vietnam,grinding causes teeth in the upper and lower jaw to be damaged, which can cause tooth decay, cracking, tooth erosion, chewing and the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis. If your child maintains this habit regularly, it can affect the baby’s entire teeth later on. If the child has a habit of gnashing teeth, parents should take the child to see a doctor for timely treatment. Because the teeth are very thin on the jaw, the hospital also pays attention to invest in modern technology equipment to help reduce pain when orthodontic patients to overcome the fear of surgery, soon confident With strong teeth.   When studying the drug on the tissues and organs of the body to reduce the stimulation of special glands in the central nervous system to carry the heart muscle with the appropriate therapeutic dose.

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Here are three types of fillings popular today:

Gold filling

Advantages: vietnam dentist prices

Longevity, at least 10 to 15 years or longer, no corrosion. Strong, can tolerate normal chewing. Aesthetics, many reviews show that the light yellow look more comfortable than silver (amalgam filling silver).


Pretty expensive, usually 10 times the cost of silver. Must go to the dentist several times, at least two times to the dental center to complete. Aesthetics, most patients now do not like to fill with metal material, mainly they like material that matches the color of teeth.

Silver (amalgam filling) Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Advantages: Durability, at least 10 to 15 years, often outperforms composite. Good force, can tolerate normal chewing. Cost, cheaper than composite filling. Defect: Poor aesthetics, with colors not the same as natural teeth.

Need to break the structure of the teeth more to have space large enough to hold silver pieces. Changing color, turning gray color to surrounding teeth.

Breakage and breakage caused by higher silver fillings, due to the amalgam material elastic due to heat than other materials. Allergy (1% allergy to mercury in amalgam).

Composite filling cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Advantages: Aesthetically pleasing, the color of the composite sealant is almost identical to that of a normal tooth, so it is often used for the incisors or the teeth.

Combines with the chemical structure of teeth. Very flexible for many different cases.  There should be less tearing than the healthy organization of the teeth to prepare the sealer compared to other types of metal fillings.

Defect: Not as long as metal filling. Price is usually about two times higher than silver. You will get a better overview of each type of material, and it is important to listen to your dentist’s advice, so that you can choose the most effective remedy. cấy răng implant